it's getting better, a little better all the time

it can't get much worse

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Never really used my phone for Tumblr

So I thought I might start :/ Kinda hate Tumblr though. I’m alright reblogging funny pics but I cba telling people what’s going on in my life. If I’m happy, why should I feel the need to tell everyone I am? I should be content. Yea, so that I don’t seem hypocritical, my life sucks and I have no desire to share it with anyone other than the people close to me. (Life’s no bad but tbh) :/ LOUD NOISES

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HILARY.: Sometimes,


I just feel like having a good old reminis, remembering all the rememberable times. Have you ever been mistaken for being a man, when you’re really a woman, busking on your bongo drums. If I was a busker, and made lots of money, I’d buy sour skittles, Rockstar and a music man bass. Sweets are a…

 lol, was looking through the posts that I’d liked ages ago and found this :p only me and hilary know what it means :p good times

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